Why your mink eyelashes business no profitable?

Have you made money in the mink eyelashes business?

Many customers come to me and ask, “Hi, Monica, I have sold out all my eyelashes, but I still can’t make any money, and there is no profit. Why is this? What should I do?”

Have you ever wondered why other people’s eyelash business is so profitable, and why your own eyelashes are not profitable?

It is undeniable that private-label eyelashes are a product that allows you to quickly start your business. But everyone’s profit is different.

wholesale mink lashes and packaging
custom lash boxes

So how much should you sell?

First let’s calculate the cost.

The cost first includes the eyelashes and eyelash packaging and shipping costs you purchased.Then on average, what is the cost of each pair of eyelashes.

Then there is your selling direction, whether your eyelashes are luxurious mink eyelashes.And your customer group, whether it is rich or ordinary office worker.For shipping issues, do you offer free shipping? Still need the customer to pay the freight.

It’s all important.Although the mink eyelashes business seems easy, there are many things to pay attention to.

You need to decide how much profit you want to make. If you want to be a high-end brand and sell luxury eyelashes, you can sell for a pair of 20-30 US dollars, but the sales may not go well in the early stage, but each pair The profit of eyelashes will be very high.

Or if you want small profits but quick turnover, the price of your eyelashes can be around US$10, which will sell very quickly, but the profit of each pair of eyelashes is not very high.

25mm mink lashes
25mm mink lashes

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