Why you choose Monica Lashes as your eyelash vendor

The most important reason for choosing Monica Lashes as an eyelash vendor is that we are very professional.

We have more than ten years of experience in the wholesale of mink eyelashes, and we have professional workers for production design.

Use the Rew Material We use the 100% real mink fur , the fur all is from yong minks from 1years to 2 years old.because the young mink have the fur is more glossy and vital.Our raw materials are 100% harmless, and our raw materials come from mink hair naturally shed from the tail.

We have professional 3D mink eyelashes designer design, there are dozens of eyelashes for buyers to choose.

We provide custom services, we can custom eyelash packaging for our own brand, and our professional designers are designing custom packaging with your private logo.

Delivery time is fast, we have sufficient stock of mink eyelashes, we use UPS DHL FEDEX express, only 2-4 days of delivery time, so it will not delay your sales time for too long.

Monica Lashes not only has good quality products, but also has low prices. Even if you only have $100, you can start your own eyelash business. In order to help you start your own eyelash business, Monica Lashes provides free eyelash packaging! Adding logo is free!

If you are still looking for a supplier, you can click below to contact us!

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