Why Wholesale mink eyelashes With Fast Shipping ?

Wholesale mink eyelashes, what else should you pay attention to besides quality and style issues?

We also need to pay attention to the speed and method of delivery.

Because the speed of delivery will affect your income.

Wholesale mink eyelashes

Delivery methods of different vendors


Dear,If you choose the cheap 3D mink eyelashes in bulk order, but the delivery date is one month, you can order 12 mink eyelashes in bulk order a year, then you will waste a month before receiving the order.

Okay, this is the first eyelash supplier you have chosen.

Wholesale mink eyelashes


The delivery date of the second type of false eyelashes manufacturer is within 3 days. When you order the product today, you will receive your 3D mink eyelashes the next day. You can order eyelashes when the stock is low, and you can order at any time with zero waiting.

This means that you can place orders at will within a year without waiting, you can receive the goods very quickly and you can catch customers very quickly.

Don’t lose the market due to shipping time and miss the customers who need it.

When you choose a second eyelash supplier, your eyelashes may have been sold out, but your first order is still going on!

Wholesale mink eyelashes

If you have used a second efficient eyelash vendor and open the market.

This also means that you can quickly update the 3D mink wholesale eyelashes market, and you will have a favorable position in the market.

For example, our mink eyelashes, when we put them on the market, they are very popular all over the world when you order from our eyelash factory, we can send the eyelashes within 24 hours, if you choose other mink For gross suppliers, you have to wait 7 to 20 days, which is too long!

Why the transportation speed of each supplier is different?

The first reason is because of their insufficient inventory. Why do they have insufficient inventory? Because their products are not good and their own products do not have enough confidence, they dare not stock a lot.

Their eyelashes are not the best eyelashes, and they dare not produce too many eyelashes, because they clearly know their market and products. They have the risk that their eyelashes will not be sold out. This will increase inventory costs and affect the company’s liquidity.

Even if you have received eyelash samples from some suppliers and make sure they are the eyelashes you want to buy

But when you receive large orders, they are different from samples.

They sell them at a lower price, because the eyelashes are made by machines,.

most customers tell us that they have encountered these bad things. Therefore, please ensure that the price and style you order are novel, and you can ask our service staff for help.

Monica Lashes will solve all your problems.

We will help you start your eyelash business.

If you already have your own business, then the cooperation with us will make your eyelash business become bigger and bigger

If you want to know more, please contact us.

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