Why most women choose mink lash extensions wholesale

In today’s society, 3D mink lash extensions are very popular, and the last eye-catching technique people appreciate is eyelash grafting.

This is this trend, bringing business opportunities to more people

Therefore, many women are willing to choose to start the eyelash business.

First of all, women have a good aesthetic

Second, I also love beautiful accessories

The third eyelash business can bring you a lot of money.

The fourth eyelash business is very easy to get started

mink lash extensions

Although we often go to grafting eyelashes or listening to people around us talking about the extension of eyelashes grafting, there are still limitations to understanding the extension of eyelashes grafting in our team. So now let us look at the types of eyelash extensions.

Features of various eyelashes

mink lash extensions

Advantages: close to real hair, soft and natural hair, good gloss

Disadvantages: Like human hair, the water roll is easy to drop, no thickness is optional.

Natural hair

Advantages: soft, natural, but need care

Disadvantages: Most natural eyelashes are fakes.

They will become boring because they have no vitality. In particular, they are not elastic, are not waterproof, and are not suitable for eyelash grafting.

Synthetic eyelashes

Advantages: low price, diverse styles, individual colors can be selected

Disadvantages: hard material, heavy, easy to crush eyelashes

Silk protein fiber eyelashes

Advantages: Weight is the lightest of all three, not easy to crush eyelashes, with a certain shape and curl

Disadvantages: less style, between the three

mink lash extensions

Eyelashes Extensions’s Thickness

1.0.10mm suitable for comparison

2.0.15mm the most commonly used eyelashes

3.0.20mm if necessary, add it as appropriate

Which type of eyelashes extensions is best?

Let’s take a look at synthetic eyelashes and artificial eyelashes first The other two eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes and artificial eyelashes, are harder, but their curl and shape are better. After grafting, the effect of eyelashes can be clearly reflected.

There are many types of protein fiber eyelashes. Take silk protein fiber eyelashes as an example. This kind of eyelashes is the closest to natural eyelashes. It is soft, has a certain shape and curl, and the grafting effect is very natural.

Finally, in addition to making eyelashes thick and long, water bristles are very soft eyelashes, very soft and comfortable.

Therefore, usually, the best grafting effect is mink hair. Of course, you can also choose the most suitable eyelash transplant according to your needs and referring to the advantages and disadvantages of each of the above categories.

best eyelashes
20mm 3D mink lash strip
20mm 3D mink lash strip

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