Why many people like to wholesale mink eyelashes in China?

Do you know Why so many people like to wholesale mink eyelashes in China?

Monica Lashes is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. This is the birthplace of eyelashes and the largest production base of eyelashes in the world! There are many eyelash factories here!This is why more and more people like to cooperate with eyelash suppliers in China.

Monica Lashes has been engaged in wholesale mink eyelash or many years. We are a famous mink eyelash supplier in China and we also have our own factory!

Reasons to choose wholesale mink eyelashes in China.

1.Many styles, sufficient inventory.

As an supplier with more than ten years of experience, Monica Lashes can meet all the needs of customers, so whether you are a makeup artist, wholesaler, retailer or studio, you can get any eyelash style you want here. Believe it?

2. High quality mink lashes.

We not only hire experienced workers, but Chinese workers have been studying hard! Each factory here has an excellent quality control team responsible for checking all orders before delivering them to customers to ensure that buyers can only receive the best products from their inventory.

This will ensure that the eyelashes received by the customer are of the best quality! This is why we can successfully sell eyelashes for more than ten years.

3.Best wholesale mink lashes price.

Compared with buying false eyelashes from the United States, you can get more competitive prices from wholesale eyelash wholesalers in China!

Why is our price so low?

Because we have our own factory, we can provide you with products at reasonable prices. Moreover, if you want to wholesale in large quantities, you can get better discounts and gifts! Is not good? Get high-quality luxurious eyelashes at the lowest price.

If you are still choosing a supplier, you can choose Monica Lashes, we will become your best partner.WhatsApp+86 13678896516.

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