Why do we only sell luxury mink eyelashes?

Monica Lashes is currently the best eyelash supplier on the market. We have many years of wholesale eyelash experience and can provide you with custom lash boxes, tweezers, glue and other services. For many years, Monica Lashes only provided luxury mink eyelashes and never sold low-quality eyelashes. Do you want to know why this is?Do you know what low-quality eyelashes are?

The mink eyelash products sell cheap eyelash suppliers are not mink eyelashes at all, but are made of cheap chemical fibers. Although some suppliers claim that they sell 3D mink eyelashes, these fake mink eyelashes are chemically synthesiz and may damage your eyes.

Although the price is low, the eyelash style you buy is stiff, and customers will never choose a product that looks cheap!

Of course, you can buy hard root eyelashes. When your customers wear it, it’s like wearing a metal wire. I believe that customers may not buy your products again.

Dear, when you wholesale mink lashes, you can first determine the quality of mink eyelashes at the price. For cost reasons, high-priced mink eyelashes are not necessarily good eyelashes, but low-priced eyelashes must be inferior eyelashes!

What do you think is the difference between artificial eyelashes and handmade eyelashes?We are a 100% Siberian mink eyelash wholesaler, and technicians can only make 10 pairs a day.But the artificial eyelashes you buy are manufactur by manual and semi-automatic machines, which can produce more than 100 pairs per day.Dear, this is the biggest difference.High productivity does not equal high quality.

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