Why different supplier have different shipping cost?

One thing that many customers will encounter is that the same number of products but the shipping charges charged by each supplier are different.Why different supplier have different shipping cost?

Reason :different shipping cost

The first reason is that they have no confidence in their product, and they don’t have enough stock.Why they are not confident with their MINK LASHES .

They understand the eyelash market and eyelash products, because the eyelashes they sell are not the best eyelashes, so few people buy them, so they dare not store eyelashes in large quantities because there is a risk that the eyelashes will not be sold out. It will increase inventory costs, leading to overcrowding of capital and also affecting the capital flow of enterprises.

And the eyelashes they sell are often sold at very low prices. Why? Because their eyelashes are all machine-made, even if you have received their eyelash samples and make sure they are the eyelashes you want to buy, when you order in bulk, they may be very different from the samples you originally received . Every day, many customers complain to us that they have encountered these bad things.

If you choose Monica eyelashes, these concerns will not arise. We will solve all the problems you encounter and help you start doing business with high-end luxury 3d mink eyelashes, and if you already have your own business, with Our cooperation will become bigger and bigger, because we have our own design team and R&D design team and all the eyelashes we produce are the best luxury eyelashes in the world.

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