Why choose to sell 25mm mink eyelashes wholesale ?

In the past year, 25mm mink eyelashes wholesale is very popular.
25mm mink eyelashes have been popular in the market for 4 years, why can they be popular for so long?

Because this eyelash shows an open and brave characteristic style. The market is eager for new mink eyelashes to meet its ever-increasing demand

Monica Lashes are the result of many tests, many tests and market research, etc.

The 25mm mink eyelashes series allows girls to show different beauty, fashion, bravery, openness, etc., keeping up with the changes in people’s thinking!

We have a lot of stock of 25mm mink eyelashes. Why do we have so many stocks? As soon as 25mm eyelashes were put on the market, they caused a sensation.

Our unique design style has occupied the market and brought business opportunities to customers.

25mm mink eyelash wholesale

How long can 25mm mink wholesale eyelashes used?

If cleaned on time, it can be used 20-25 times according to customer feedback.

Who can order eyelashes?

Monica Lashes is a professional supplier of mink eyelashes. Our 25mm eyelashes are made of high quality Siberian mink hair.

There are many suppliers on the market that send high-quality eyelash videos and photos as samples to customers, but the eyelashes actually received by customers are inferior products

Inferior mink fur can get more profits because their raw materials are very cheap.

Since this is not a face-to-face transaction, we understand all our customers’concerns.

Therefore, we accept and welcome customers to order samples for inspection.

If you have any questions or needs, you can contact us

WhatsApp +8613678896516.

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