Why choose Monica Lashes as your eyelash supplier?

As an eyelash supplier with many years of experience, Monica Lashes can help dozens of customers start their eyelash business every day, so why do everyone choose Monica Lashes as their eyelashes supplier?

1. Our products are of high quality.

Monica Lashes has its own eyelash factory. Our quality inspection is very strict. As a supplier of high quality eyelashes, we do not allow any wholesale eyelashes of poor quality. We aim high to produce high-quality eyelashes with soft texture, novel styles and high comfort. We attach great importance to quality, which is the basis for judging qualified suppliers.

2. Our products are safe and healthy.

first of all! The eyelashes we produce do not contain any chemical agents.

If you use cheap and unhealthy eyelashes and do not clean them thoroughly, chemical agents will remain on your eyelids.

Your eyes, the window of the soul, and the surrounding skin are more or less damaged. But if you choose us, you will not have these worries.

3. We have the most professional service.

Monica Lashes is a professional team with complete functions and clear division of labor.

Each department performs its own duties, constantly improves the ability to serve customers, and ensures that everything is done best.

4. We have a clear goal.

Even though we are an eyelash supplier, we have always put service first, not sales performance.

Our eyelashes can be provided to almost everyone and businesses-students, housewives, supermarkets, beauty salons, eyelash wholesalers and companies. More importantly, if you want to start a business, we can help you realize your wealth dream and life value.

Trust us, we will be your trusted partner!

How to order mink lashes?

you can contact us on WhatsApp+86 13678896516 for more info.

How to pay?

Our payment methods are PayPal and Western Union.

Transportation time

We use DHL and FedEx. Usually the shipping time in the United States is 2-4 days, and it will not exceed one week in other countries.

eyelashes supplier
eyelashes supplier

If you are still looking for an eyelash supplier, you can contact us, we can become the best partner, look forward to!

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