Why are 3D mink lash strips sold so well in April?

April is coming to an end, but we found that the sales volume of 3D mink lash strips in April is the best, which is really a very strange phenomenon.

Because the current virus epidemic is becoming more and more violent, the sales of mink eyelashes have greatly increased. According to statistics, Monica Lashes’ sales of 3D mink lash strips to the United States in April doubled from the previous month and doubled from April last year. Why?

25mm mink lashes
25mm mink lashes

First, in order to prevent the rapid spread of the epidemic, every state in the United States has conducted self-isolation. But eyelash sales are different from other industries. At this stage, normal business transactions cannot be carried out, but eyelash sales can be done, because most eyelash sales are done online, which is why most people choose eyelash sales.

So, you are such a good business, why don’t you do it?

It is very convenient to sell even if it is not in the same city, because mink eyelashes are light in weight, small in size, high in value, and easy to store and transport. Therefore, the delivery channels of logistics are also very smooth, so the mink eyelashes business came into being. Suitable for e-commerce operations.

And it doesn’t need too much budget to set up your own eyelashes business. Even one hundred dollars can start your own eyelashes business, which is very easy for housewives or students.

During this period, the eyelash business has brought unlimited business opportunities to many women.

20mm mink lashes
20mm mink lashes

As far as the current situation is concerned, I don’t know when this severe situation will end. Therefore, we must seize the business opportunity and cooperate with Monica Lashes.whatsapp +86 13678896516.

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