Why are 3D mink eyelashes so popular with girls?

The reason why most girls are so crazy about 3D mink eyelashes is simple, most people want to be beautiful and sexy girls. So do you want to be a beautiful girl?

Every girl tries to make herself look beautiful. Especially during the Azi epidemic, everyone must wear a mask, so your eyes will be your first choice for beauty! The more attractive the eyes!

the more attractive the whole face! Please turn your attention to your eyes!

Why do people like mink eyelashes so much?

Mink eyelashes are eyelashes made of mink skin.

They are very lightweight, so you can wear them for a long time to attend meetings, parties and travels, your eyes will not feel tired, it is much better than false eyelashes, and you will not encounter too many troubles and problems.

custom packaging eyelash box
custom packaging eyelash box

Very comfortable

Even people who have only worn mink eyelashes once will know that the comfort of mink eyelashes is very high, whether it is hair or eyelash bands!

For example, other synthetic or fiber eyelashes may cause some rashes or irritation if worn for a long time. But mink eyelashes can completely avoid this problem.

It is made of natural hair that is naturally shed by small animals. It is very soft and light! So it is very comfortable to carry. This is one of the reasons why young girls like it!

cutom eyelash packaging
cutom eyelash packaging

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