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20mm mink lashes
20mm mink lashes

Monica Lashes is a professional wholesale mink eyelashes vendor, wholesale mink eyelash manufacturer, wholesale mink eyelash supplier and 3D mink eyelash supplier. Our goal is to bring the best natural 20mm mink eyelashes to everyone in the world who likes beauty, and we also have various styles of 20mm mink eyelashes for you to choose,everyone can find best wholesale eyelashes from us.Our products have enjoyed great reputation for good quality and best prices.

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Monica false eyelashes wholesale 20mm mink eyelashes, with its own brand, our 3d 20mm mink eyelashes are soft cotton belts, lighter, thinner and softer. We can customize the box and make the highest quality 20mm mink eyelashes in China. Once you select us and buy you will get the wholesale price, and 3d 20mm mink lashes will be shipped directly from our eyelash factory. Shipped quickly and in the shortest possible time.

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20MM Mink Eyelash Vendors Service And Problems

1: What is the minimum order for your eyelashes?

We are currently not requesting a MOQ. However, usually, we require at least 10 styles to save time and shipping costs. If you want to start the eyelash production line, please try more styles to check the quality and get more feedback from friends to help you make the right decision.

We also hope that people who like our eyelashes have the opportunity to try quality mink eyelashes.

Through word-of-mouth advertisements to improve our understanding of mink eyelashes, to help customers expand the market.

Everything will gradually develop, we will always be your strong backing.

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2: How long does the mink lashes sample take?

After the order is confirmed, most styles can be shipped immediately.

If you want to customize the style or wholesale, it usually takes 5 to 7 days to ship.

During busy seasons such as festivals or holidays or spring or autumn, please arrange your order in advance, because during this period, the factory is very busy, please be sure to arrange your order in advance, so as to allow enough time for our staff to perfect the eyelashes .

We don’t allow you to place an order because our eyelashes are made by hand. If the workers are nervous, the final product will not be perfect. Please understand.

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3: How to order 20mm mink lashes samples?

Step 1: Choose your favorite style.

Step 2: Contact us and leave the name and quantity of each style.

Step 3: Pay for the sample order and notify us after payment to avoid late delivery.

Step 4: Leave the receiving address, including contact person and contact phone number.

Step 5: Our packaging department will re-check the quality and quantity, and use our confirmed courier company to ship.

Step 6: Tracking the order will allow you to post it in time after completion. Please pay attention to it. Never ask the courier company to leave the goods outside to avoid loss.

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