Who is real messy mink eyelash supplier ?

Obviously, Monica Lashes are the real messy mink eyelash supplier.If you want more eyelash styles and ways to attract more customers, please follow us and we will show you all the details about mink eyelashes .

We will show you the new type of eyelashes on the market, we call them messy mink eyelashes.

real  eyelash extension vendor
real  eyelash extension vendor
real  eyelash extension vendor

First: What’s messy mink eyelash?

The clear structure of messy eyelashes is different from that of mink eyelashes.

Most mink messy eyelash supplier are afraid to produce such eyelashes.

Messy eyelashes are the kind of messy structure you can see. Mink fur is fluffy, perfect for smoky eyes.

for the messy one, you can see the wholesale structure of the messy lashes , so most mink lashes vendor won’t do this.

Their appearance is not as clear as the clear structure, so your customers can easily see the entire structure of mink eyelashes and make purchases.

There are two kinds of messy mink eyelashes on the market:

messy mink eyelash  supplier

The first messy eyelash

It was designed by a famous eyelash designer.

Thr second messy eyelash

The worker made a 3D effect by mistake.

messy mink eyelash supplier

Second: Why more and more people like messy eyelash?

1.Because most girls like to try new products

Yes, they are new products. Most mink eyelash suppliers don’t know this luxurious mink eyelashes.Because their process is very complicated.

The temperature and time to produce messy mink eyelashes are two keys.

2.Market survey results

More and more customers choose us because we can produce the best fluffy and messy eyelashes to satisfy the market.

Therefore, we can design and produce the best, fluffy mink skins for customers so that they can open the market.

3.How to choose messy mink eyelash ?

① check the band of the messy lashes

choose the better messy mink eyelash suppiler

③ 3D effect

④ Healthy, no stimulation

4.the price of the messy mink eyelash

The price is not much compared with the price of ordinary mink eyelashes.

The price is $3-$4.5

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