Who is a reliable wholesale eyelash vendor

Dear, very happy you can find us.We are a professional mink wholesale eyelash vendor, you will find our company on some large international social platforms, because we already have a larger scale and influence.

wholesale eyelash vendor

The eyelash business has reached its climax in 2020.

More and more customers have started eyelash business. Customized luxury packaging.

If you choose us as your eyelash supplier, I dare to tell you that this is the 100% correct choice.

First We are a legitimate eyelash vendors.

Monica Lashes is a legal wholesale eyelash vendor.Our company is located in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city.

We have many customers contact us to purchase eyelashes and eyelash packaging so that they can start their eyelash business.

Second High-quality luxury mink eyelashes products.

Our eyelashes are 100% handmade mink eyelashes.

The raw material of our mink eyelashes is the mink tail eyelashes that the mink naturally sheds.

Cleaning adopts special technology and modern physical sterilization technology for sterilization and disinfection.

Most importantly, after sterilization, technicians should sterilize it thousands of times.

Therefore, each of our eyelashes can be said to be unique and precious.

wholesale eyelash vendor

Third Customize eyelash packaging with logo

We have a professional designer team that can help you design the logo you need for free.

After the designer completes the design, we will confirm it. After you are satisfied, we will print and make a logo for you.

We have more than 200 kinds of customized eyelash packaging, each one is very beautiful, our customized packaging and printed logo, the minimum order quantity per box is only 60 pieces! ! !

wholesale eyelash vendor
wholesale eyelash vendor

Fourth Sufficient inventory.

Our eyelashes have three lengths of 16mm, 20mm, 25mm

Our styles of each length are about 16 styles, our eyelash styles can meet the needs of most people.

Many customers choose our eyelashes because we have enough stock of eyelashes, we can ship them to customers immediately after the customers order the eyelashes

Fifth Efficient express delivery

Our shipping speed is very fast, we guarantee delivery within 24 hours after you place the order.

Custom eyelash packaging needs to be completed within 4 to 7 working days after you confirm your satisfaction with the design drawings.

If you have any questions or needs, you can contact us

WhatsApp +8613678896516

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