Who are the best lash vendor in 2021 ?

Monica Lashes is the best lash vendor, we have been committed to producing high-quality mink eyelashes and wholesale mink eyelashes.


Because as a China eyelash manufacturer and distributor specializing in the production of eyelashes, we have developed a variety of styles of 3D mink eyelashes, eyelash packaging and a variety of eyelash tools. Therefore, Monica eyelashes continue to work hard, with more exquisite craftsmanship, more stable quality and more unique creativity, we have pushed the company to the top of eyelash manufacturers.

  1. Monica is constantly innovating

We are always committed to bringing you novel 3D mink eyelashes and novel designs, because innovation is always the core of our company. Almost all of our 3d mink eyelashes are designed and manufactured in-house, and we are proud to provide you with outstanding new fashions. Every year we will update 1,000 new styles, and continue to work hard to bring customers the freshest works. We attract a wide range of consumers and have a loyal following among millennials worldwide.

Customize products

2. Can custom packaging eyelash box

In order to meet the business needs of start-ups or small eyelash companies, Monica Eyelash provides services such as custom eyelash boxes, custom tweezers, eyelash glue, eyelash washing machines, etc.

We also have a lower MOQ than any supplier. If you need to add a logo, the MOQ is only 20. Regardless of the size or needs, we will enthusiastically meet your needs. This service is most suitable for spa and salon shop owners, online shop owners, freelance makeup artists, and beauty entrepreneurs who want to expand their product range and retail services to include makeup product lines.

3. Product Description

Our company has 16mm, 20mm and 25mm eyelashes.You can choose different lengths of eyelashes according to different needs and different customers.

16mm mink eyelashes and 20mm mink eyelashes are suitable for various occasions, mainly for students and office workers.

25mm series eyelashes are dramatic eyelashes, which can enlarge your eyes infinitely. Suitable for girls who like to paint heavy makeup.

shipping service

We will ship all of goods by DHL or Fedex.


PayPal and Western Union

As a professional eyelash supplier, if you want to start your own eyelash business, choosing Monica is the most correct choice, we will be your best partner.

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