Who are the best eyelash vendors in 2021?

Monica Lashes is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. Is one of the best eyelash vendors, for many years, we have been committed to the production and wholesale of mink eyelashes. In more than ten years, we will have approximately one million customers from the United States.

Wholesale mink lashes vendor

As the last eyelash manufacturer in China, Monica Lashes has developed various styles of 3D mink eyelashes, various styles of eyelash packaging boxes and eyelash tools after years of unremitting efforts. By continuing to rely on superb craftsmanship, quality and creativity, we have pushed the company to the top of the false eyelash manufacturers in the beauty industry.

Monica Lashes is composed of a group of creative young people, so our eyelash styles will always be the favorite of young people.

Custom eyelash packaging

You only need to send us your logo and ideas for the packaging box.we will use it to design your order.But some customers don’t have their own logo, it doesn’t matter, we have professional designers who can help you design the logo.

custom eyelash box vendor

Production time

Due to the different styles, raw materials and processing art of custom boxes, the production time will be somewhat different.

Usually our custom box production time is 15-20 days, but sometimes there are too many factory orders, so it takes a little longer, but it will not exceed one month.

best eyelash vendors
best eyelash vendors

payment method

PayPal and Western Union.

Shipping Serivce.

We use FedEx and DHL.

Usually 2-4 days to reach the U.S.

Monica Lashes, only provide the best quality products and the most considerate service.

If you need it, you can contact us and we will be your best partner.WhatsApp+8613678896516.

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