What’s the MOQ of custom lash boxes?

Each supplier has different requirements for the MOQ of custom lash boxes.

Many customers may not know what MOQ is. MOQ stands for “Minimum Order Quantity“.

If you make a pair of eyelashes packaging boxes, depending on the style and craftsmanship, each box costs $1-¥3.5.
But if you choose Monica Lashes, the price of customized eyelash packaging box is $1-$2.2.

Different materials have different prices, but if you choose the best eyelash supplier, all wholesale prices will be very low.

custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

At present, most eyelash wholesalers in the market have MOQ restrictions, so you’d better inquire before placing an order.
Usually their MOQ is 100-200 boxes, some eyelash suppliers MOQ 50 boxes, and Monica Lashes’s MOQ is only 20 boxes, which is much lower than other eyelash suppliers.

eyelash boxes
custom lash boxes

Why is our MOQ so low?

Monica Lashes is an eyelash supplier with more than ten years of experience. Through years of sales experience, we found that most beginners want to start their own eyelash business line with a lower budget. They only want 30-50 customized boxes. Start to build your own eyelash brand. So we set a minimum order quantity.

3D mink lashes
3D mink lashes

In fact, we can get very little profit for small custom logo box orders, which will take a lot of time and effort to design custom eyelash packaging boxes, but we insist on doing this, it has nothing to do with money, we want more partners to get Success and join us.

And, recently, our customers complained to us that many wholesale eyelash manufacturers supply them with low-quality mink eyelashes at low prices. , Which can cause eye fatigue and disease.

This is also the reason why we want more and more girls to join us and bring real mink eyelashes to the mink market so that beautiful girls can wear healthy and pretty eyelashes.

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