What the price of wholesale 3d mink lashes ?

Many girls want to start their own eyelash business. To start their eyelash business, they must first wholesale 3D mink lashes, but do you know the price? Do you know how to bargain with suppliers?

If you want to wholesale 3d mink lashes.You must know that the price of eyelashes of different lengths is different , different quantities of eyelashes have different prices. The more the quantity, the lower the price.

Before buying mink eyelashes in bulk, you should learn to distinguish between good and bad eyelashes.

wholesale 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes

Most eyelash suppliers don’t use the best mink fur, and don’t even know which part of the real mink fur is the best.Therefore, it is also very important to distinguish quality

Different processes, different costs.

First, the price varies according to the length of the eyelashes.

If you order 25mm 3D mink false eyelashes, they are a bit more expensive than 20mm 3D mink eyelashes and 16mm natural mink eyelashes. This is the main reason for the difference in cost.

The second one is made by physical process.

All of our 3D luxury mink eyelashes are made of high-quality mink fur made from young mink fur, which is long, strong, fluffy and smooth and these are all done manually by our skilled workers.

At the same time, we use high temperature to make 3D effects, which can also kill viruses. Therefore, our luxurious mink eyelashes are very safe.

If you want to start your eyelash business, but you do not find a suitable supplier, then you can contact us, we will not only provide you with high-quality luxury eyelashes, but also give you the lowest wholesale price.WhatsApp+86 13678896516.

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