What should you do if the customs seizes your strip mink lashes?

If you want to start your own eyelash business and have ordered strip mink lashes from other countries, prepare to start your eyelash business. After you pay the mink lash vendors, then your eyelash eyelash vendors will ship the eyelashes you ordered. And took a picture of your package for you, very good! You like your eyelashes very much and hope that they will arrive soon so that you can sell them for profit.

However, when your goods arrive at your country’s customs. But you are informed that the customs has detained your mink eyelashes. You need to have a “mink eyelash import license”. How can this be done? At this time, you need to pay additional fees.

So, do you know what an import and export license is? Do you need to apply for the certificate? Is there any way to avoid applying for this certificate?
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What should you do if the customs seizes your strip mink lashes?

Do you know What is an import and export license?

According to certain regulations of the U.S. Customs and the U.S. Wildlife Inspection and Quarantine Service, when importing mink eyelashes for commercial use, the importer of mink eyelashes must issue an import/export license. If your goods are subject to random inspections, the customs will require you to show an import and export license.

Do you need to apply for this certificate?

Decide according to your situation.

If you buy a large number of eyelashes, or have confirmed with customs officers, the eyelashes you purchased are for commercial use. Well, yes, you must purchase an import and export license. Currently, we can apply for import and export licenses online.

However, according to the relevant regulations of eLicense, if you buy mink eyelashes not for commercial use, but for personal use. You can then avoid purchasing this certificate.

16mm mink lashes
16mm mink lashes

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