What problems did you encounter when you established your eyelash brand?

Before you create an eyelash brand, do you know what you need to prepare?

For example, how to find suppliers and wholesale eyelash suppliers? How to choose my 3D mink eyelashes? What is the wholesale price of 3D mink eyelashes?

Do I have to find a lashes vendor in the US if I am in the US? Do I have to look for eyelash vendors in the UK if I am in the UK?

Of course not!

When you find them, your options are very limited! You cannot choose different types of eyelashes, different length eyelashes and different styles of eyelashes.

And some eyelash suppliers offer many eyelashes to choose from, but many of them are outdated.

Are you also confused about which style to choose and order?

Dear, have you ever wondered how long will your eyelashes be sold when you order them in bulk?

Even if you find cheap 3D mink eyelashes, but they are of poor quality and cannot be sold in a short time, you have to face the fact that once a new product is launched in the eyelash market, your eyelashes will be out of date and will never be sold out.

But if you choose Monica Lashes, you will buy the latest popular eyelash styles.

Please note: do not choose each type of eyelashes, please first determine the length of the eyelashes popular in your market, and then place an order in batches.

Dear, if you are still looking for an eyelash supplier, you can consider Monica Lashes, Monica Lashes will help you build your own eyelash brand.

If you have ideas, you can contact us.

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