What kind of lash vendors can help you make money?

Many girls want to start their own eyelash business, but they don’t know how to choose the best eyelash supplier. Today Monica Lashes will tell you what kind of lash vendors can help you make money.

Do you want to make money wholesale mink eyelashes? But do you know which lash vendors can make money? Do you know where to buy these profitable wholesale mink furs? If you are looking for wholesale eyelash suppliers that can help you make money. Monica Eyelashes can provide you with high-quality fashionable eyelashes. You can buy the styles that your customers like from us.

Monica Lashes has been engaged in the production of high-end eyelashes for many years. Our eyelashes are made of selected Siberian mink hair. It is mink hair that comes off naturally from the tail of mink fur. It is 100% harmless and has natural luster and elastic bending. When you buy it and wear it, you will feel very relaxed and comfortable.

lash vendors
25mm mink lashes

The eyelashes produced by Monica Lashes are handmade mink eyelashes. Body temperature determines the shape and curvature of the eyelashes. Each eyelash is slightly different from other eyelashes of the same style. Each eyelash is spiritual, has its own unique characteristics, and is of the same quality. Very good! Many customers have become loyal supporters of our brand’s eyelashes, and they will repeat their orders every month, because they will not be able to wear other eyelashes after using the eyelashes produced by Monica. Compared with our mink eyelashes, other eyelashes are too rough.

Custom eyelash packaging
lash packaging


Because we can provide you with exquisite customized eyelash packaging boxes, fast logistics express services and thoughtful all-round services. Provide customers with very smooth purchase, transportation and technical guidance services. Every customer likes to work with us.

If you are also looking for an eyelash supplier, you can contact us WhatsApp+8613678896516, we will definitely be your best partner.

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