What is the most cost-effective eyelash box?

To create your own brand of eyelashes, the most important thing is to have a packaging box that belongs to your own brand. A beautiful packaging box can attract many customers.

However, due to cost reasons, the price of some eyelash packaging boxes is too high for many people to afford, so what is the most cost-effective eyelash box?

The answer is of course the paper box!

The paper box can meet all your needs. Although it is low in price, it can still custom, you can add your logo, and it can also protect the eyelashes.

paper box
paper box

Why is the paper card box the most cost-effective eyelash packaging box?

Obviously, good quality and low price.

Usually the price of a custom eyelash packaging box is $2-$3 each.But the price of the paper box is about $0.5 per piece.

Although the price of the paper box is low, the function, appearance and eyelash packaging box are not much different. You can also add a logo even if it is a paper box, you can also add your social information, and it can also protect your eyelashes.

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