What is the good price for selling mink eyelashes?

It depends on the quality of your mink eyelashes. If your eyelashes are handmade and high-quality mink eyelashes from the best eyelash suppliers, yes, this is a good price.

If someone asks me: “What is the hottest personal brand business right now?”, there is no doubt that it must be mink eyelashes.

The eyelash business is currently the hottest business and the easiest business to do. If you create your own eyelash brand and buy products from a supplier, then you should know how to price your products.

If you are using higher quality eyelashes, they can be sold at a higher retail price.

First of all, our selling price cannot be lower than our total cost.

We must not do business at a loss! ! This is very important. Therefore, the sales cost of eyelashes should be calculated carefully, and our sales price cannot be lower than our total cost.

The total cost includes the cost of our mink lashes, the cost of eyelash custom packaging, and the cost of transportation.

For example the cost of your eyelashes is $4, the packaging cost is $2, and the shipping cost is $3, then your selling price cannot be less than$9.

If you set the price of the product at US$15-20, then the profit per eyelash is US$6-11. If you set the price of the product at $19.8, then the profit for each eyelash sold is $ 10.8.

You can also give some discounts and small gifts(such as brushes)according to the quantity required by different customers,If you buy our products, we will provide you with brushes for free.

Dear, if you are still looking for a supplier, you can contact us, we are confident to help you improve your eyelash business WhatsApp+86 13678896516.Looking forward to our cooperation.

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