What is the cheapest and most suitable eyelash boxes?

Monica Lashes is a professional manufacturer of custom packaging eyelash boxes, a supplier of custom lash boxes.

Monica Lashes has more than ten years of experience as an eyelash supplier. We are the best wholesale custom eyelash packaging box manufacturer and only provide high-quality eyelash packaging boxes. Why are we the best supplier? Because Monica Lashes has more than ten years of experience as an eyelash supplier, knows the customer’s preferences, and sells eyelashes 100% from the customer’s point of view.

The eyelash cardboard packaging box can fit eyelashes of all lengths. It can show the eyelashes more clearly, and at the same time you can use your logo for personalization, so that your eyelashes line look more professional.

eyelash packaging
eyelash packaging

Cardboard eyelash case is the choice of most people, and it is also the main eyelash packaging material on the market. Most people will choose this kind of eyelash case. Because this eyelash packaging box is not only good in material, but also cheap. You can choose any box color you like, and we will design and produce it for you according to your requirements.

Moreover, the transportation cost of eyelash cardboard packaging is much cheaper than other eyelash boxes. Because the weight is much lighter than other lash packaging boxes.

Therefore, you should not only choose eyelash boxes based on cost, but also save transportation costs. Therefore, the paper-card eyelash packaging is the most cost-effective eyelash packaging on the market, but its MOQ is limited. The more products you order, the cheaper it is.

Before you order the box, you should have your own logo. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have one. If you cooperate with us, our professional designers will provide you with a design logo for free.

eyelash boxes sample

We can also customize any style you like, if you want to start your own eyelash business, you can contact us whatsapp +86 13678896516.

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