What is the best mink lashes vendor?

In fact, choosing the best mink lashes vendor will save you a lot of trouble and even money.

In other words, a good eyelash supplier is the most important thing for your eyelash business.

What is a good wholesale eyelash vendor ?

This is the basic knowledge you should know about the best eyelash suppliers.

First of all, a good eyelash supplier should provide you with top luxury eyelashes with very good quality.

If you cannot determine the quality of the product through video or photos, you can buy some samples to test the quality.When you buy it back, you think the quality is good, and the second time you can order in large quantities.

Second, we can provide custom services.

the best mink lashes vendor must not only provide high-quality products, but also provide high-quality services.Some suppliers do not have enough patience and only want to sell eyelashes, and are unwilling to customize products for customers, because it takes a long time to customize the packaging box or tweezers,glue.In order to satisfy customers, the design needs to be changed continuously, which will take a long time.So some suppliers don’t want to provide this service.

custom lash boxes
custom lash boxes

Transportation time

In order to enable customers to receive the package as soon as possible, we guarantee that all products can be shipped on the day of ordering.

We use FedEx and DHL, which can reach customers usually within 2-4 days.

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