The popularity of our 3D mink eyelashes wholesale

Monica eyelashes are located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China. We have been doing 3D mink eyelashes wholesale business for many years.We mainly sell 3D 16-25mm mink eyelashes. Their main feature is that they are elegant and natural. At the same time, we also sell eyelash glue. They are soft, long-lasting and sticky.

The 16-25mm mink eyelashes are fashionable . Our designers continue to study aesthetics and have bold design concepts, so each of our 18-20mm mink false eyelashes is fashionable and can explode!

In 2012, people proposed a new accessory product, false eyelashes, to make ladies all over the world look new. Ladies are beginning to fully understand the beauty of mink eyelashes. This period is the germination period of mink strip lashes. Consumers are beginning to understand mink eyelashes.

In 2013, a new mink eyelash style was developed. Due to the strong layering, consumers around the world have once again redefined the beauty of mink eyelashes. It changed the shortcoming of the original mink eyelashes that there is only one curvature, so it is exaggerated and realistic. 3D natural mink eyelashes are very popular all over the world!

In 2018, our designers once again boldly innovated and increased the length of 3D mink strip eyelashes from 13-16mm to 20-25mm. Once again, the world has caused a consumer boom and has been welcomed by beautiful ladies all over the world.

Because of the bold innovation of our designers, consumers all over the world have redefined the mink eyelashes of 18-21mm. Our partners also enjoy the unlimited business opportunities of mink eyelashes brought by every innovation!

Monica has been in the 3D mink eyelashes wholesale business for many years

Monica Lashes has been in the wholesale eyelash business for many years and Monica has many years of experience in wholesale eyelashes. We not only sell eyelashes, we also provide custom lash boxes, tweezers, glue and other services.

If you also want to start an eyelash business, you can contact us.WhatsApp+86 13678896516.

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