The most popular custom lash boxes.

Are you still looking for custom lash boxes supplier? Monica Lashes is a supplier of custom eyelash boxes with many years of experience. Here you can see the best-selling and most popular eyelash boxes.

custom eyelash packaging boxes
custom eyelash packaging boxes(Rectangular Eyelash Package)

The best seller of our company now is the pull box with holographic effect.

For this customized eyelash box, we have different colors, including pink, pink star-shaped glitter paper, bright pink glitter paper, dark pink glitter paper, and purple paper. The outside is beautiful holographic packaging. If you like the color combination we designed, the minimum order quantity for the box is 20.

If you don’t like our design, we also support custom lash boxes. You can send us the required design pattern, the required color and the logo. We will give you what you want. The required box design.

For this customized eyelash box, we have any color you want to match, and there is also glitter. If you have a favorite color combination, but other suppliers can’t meet your needs, you can find our packaging box The minimum order quantity is 50.

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