The key to choosing a mink eyelash vendor

mink eyelash vendor is an indispensable role in your eyelash business.

Hello everyone, here are Monica’s eyelashes. As a supplier of mink eyelashes, we have stricter quality inspection and control measures to ensure the quality of our wholesale mink eyelashes.

mink eyelash vendor

How to check the effect?

There is a simple way to test the quality of our 3D mink eyelashes.

You can put them on and feel the eyelashes. In the past blog, we have told you how to distinguish good from bad.

Low-quality eyelashes will be very sharp, and will cause great damage to your eyes, causing irritation, and the smell is also very pungent, but high-quality eyelashes will not have this problem, high-quality eyelashes It looks luxurious, and very bright and supple.

mink eyelash vendor

Our Lashes Factory

our Lashes Factory is all aseptic.We strictly control every process of production, from raw materials to finished products, we have strict requirements.

mink eyelash vendor

Why test quality?

Because we only want to provide customers with TOP-level 3D mink, we never deceive customers, because we only want you to get a product that you like and satisfy you.

So each pair of our Eyelash is guaranteed by our strict QC progress. Not every mink eyelash vendor can do this and they are not willing to share their production process and quality control system.

mink eyelashesh vendor

why mink eyelash vendors Wholesale don’t share the production process with you?

The first reason is that your d eyelash supplier is just a trading company that can provide you with wholesale services, but they do not know the detailed information about the production.

The second reason is that I worry that my product technology will be copied.

At the same time, we never worry about our technology can be copied by the other mink eyelash vendor
They can copy our style and they can not copy our core technology.

Different temperatures and humidity cause different curl and quality. And they are too many factors affecting quality. Such as raw material, technology, and the craft.

So every pair of our 25MM Lashes and 20MM Lashes and 13-18mm regular eyelashes are made by heart and details.

Details determine success or failure, right?

The Price of 3D mink Lashes

Our Eyelashes are not the highest in the market, but it is reasonable and not the Cheaper Lashes.

Our production process is more complicated than traditional, but we insist on producing high-end luxury mink eyelashes for our customers, and we will bring more and more new fashion eyelashes to the market. We hope to bring you and your market truly safe and healthy mink eyelashes.

If you have any questions, you can contact us

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