Some questions you want to ask the eyelash supplier

Many people join the eyelash business every day, but not everyone is successful.Choosing an eyelash supplier is the key.

So do you know why anyone succeeds? Because they have chosen a very professional and excellent mink eyelash supplier! They can teach you very professionally how to start an eyelash business and be successful! Therefore, when talking to your mink fur supplier, what questions should you ask to know the wholesale professionalism and sense of responsibility of your fur supplier! Let me tell you now!

Ask the location of your eyelash supplier

Because more than 85% of mink eyelashes in the world, silk eyelashes and false eyelashes are mainly from Qingdao, China! Qingdao, China is famous for its eyelashes, so only the mink eyelashes of Qingdao, China are of high quality and moderate price! They use professional production technology and pure hand-made to produce high-quality mink eyelashes for you! You know this is very important to your eyelash business!

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Ask if your mink eyelash supplier has a factory

This determines whether you can get a good wholesale price and stable delivery time when ordering in large quantities! If you want to get a professional mink eyelash supplier with your own factory, you can consult us:WhatsApp+8613678896516

How many pairs of eyelashes can be produced per day?

If your supplier answers you that the worker can only make 10-20 pairs of eyelashes per day, then she will be the real supplier. Because our mink eyelashes are 100% handmade, we only want high quality, not quantity! Of course, because we have enough workers, we can also ensure that products with sufficient production efficiency are sold to our customers!

As an eyelash supplier with many years of experience, Monica Eyelash will teach you how to distinguish good suppliers.If you have any questions, you can contact us WhatsApp+8613678896516

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