Some problems when wholesale mink lash extension

Many customers will encounter many different problems in wholesale mink lash extension. Do you have any of the following problems?

First problem:

Some of our customers often tell us that some wholesale mink lash extension suppliers may provide some excellent and satisfactory samples.

However, when they buy eyelashes in large quantities again, some quality problems will arise. Have you encountered such a problem?

wholesale mink lash extension

Why?: Because some suppliers will provide high-quality samples to trick you into buying more.

However, when you wholesale again in large quantities, they will provide you with lower quality eyelashes.

This is very bad, but there are so many suppliers of mink eyelashes.

Many suppliers believe that to do so to save costs and get more profits.

However, if you work with us, you can eliminate these concerns. Our company believes that integrity is the foundation of success

We will provide you with high-quality eyelashes, and will not do bad things because of profit.

The second problem :

After confirming the eyelash style, the customer wholesales mink eyelashes in large quantities.

However, when they receive the eyelashes, they will be disappointed to find that the style of eyelashes they received is different from the style of eyelashes they want.

Why?:Many eyelash suppliers do not produce their own eyelashes, they are just agents. In order to save costs, some eyelash suppliers hire cheap labor.

Many eyelashes are produced in North Korea and not in China. Because this will reduce a lot of costs. However, there is no strict quality supervision and control.

These inexperienced workers will produce defective products that do not meet the required standards.

However, if you choose us, you will not have these problems. Our company has professional workers, strict supervision and quality control, we are responsible for every pair of eyelashes we produce.

wholesale mink lash extension
wholesale mink lash extension

The third problem :

Some customers will receive products that seem to be of good quality, but if they observe carefully, they will find many problems, such as asymmetry of eyelashes, unacceptable hardness, lack of eyelash tips or even pungent chemical odor, etc.

Why? :Some mink eyelash suppliers use inferior glue, which causes the eyelash handle to be too hard. Too hard eyelashes can stab the user’s eyes.

In addition, the use of chemicals can also produce pungent chemical odors, and they do this to reduce costs.

However, these chemicals can harm your health. Think about what happens if your skin comes into contact with these chemicals every day.

wholesale mink lash extension
wholesale mink lash extension

The fourth problem :

Delay in delivery.Some suppliers do not have the stock and need to order from the eyelash factory to ship the customer.

Therefore, he may tell you to send it within 7 days or a month. In fact, their delivery time will be longer than they say.

If you choose us, we will deliver the goods for you immediately within 24 hours, without a long wait.

wholesale shtrip lashes suppliers

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