Pill Bottle Eyelash Packaging Is Very Popular in the market

Pill Bottle Eyelash Packaging veyr popular

In order to attract the attention of the public, most people want to choose a novel idea to make eyelash packaging boxes. They want to buy a new eyelash packaging called a medicine bottle eyelash packaging.

When customers see the medicine bottle eyelash box, they will feel very surprised and will like them. This is a new idea to promote packaging sales.

Eyelash packaging is very important. If you use a special packaging box, your eyelashes can be easily sold.

So today, we will take you to know this Pill Bottle Eyelash Packaging.

Pill Bottle Eyelash Packaging

The color of eyelash pill bottle packaging.

Our pill bottle eyelash packaging box is available in a variety of colors, such as yellow eyelash medicine bottle, black eyelash medicine box and orange, white, transparent, pink, blue eyelash medicine box, red eyelash packaging, etc.

We have sufficient inventory. If you have any color needs, we can satisfy you.

What you should do is choose a look that matches the color of your logo to make the look more professional.

Material of eyelash packaging

Most eyelash kits use plastic materials, but some are recyclable materials, and some are just plastic. Therefore it is difficult to separate them easily.

The packaging box of bad material has a pungent smell, you can easily smell it. Therefore, you should buy with caution, if you want to buy a high-quality eyelash kit, you can add WhatsApp +8613678896516

Pill Bottle Eyelash Packaging

why are lashes pills packaging so popular in the market?

Most girls like this cute packaging because their packaging is very strange and attractive, like saying: “Hey girl, it’s time to apply beautiful and charming eye makeup with eyelashes”. People also like easy-to-open packaging, which can protect eyelashes well.

Also, if you buy an eyelash kit, it looks cool.

The size of Pill Bottle Eyelash Packaging

This kind of eyelash packaging is the same as the ordinary packaging, but the volume is much larger than the ordinary packaging box. Therefore, if you buy this kind of eyelashes, the transportation cost will be much more expensive than the ordinary packaging box.

Each one will be 25g.But they are very popular in the market, if you find a good supplier, they will provide you with preferential prices.
You can easily make profits.

Pill Bottle Eyelash Packaging

How to use the eyelash packaging box?

When you receive the pill box, you will find it difficult to open it. Use it as the message on the cap, press and turn it.
In this way, you can easily open it and get your beloved eyelashes.

① color

the color of the background should match the color of your logo to make a professional appearance.

② design

We can provide the font and style you want.
You can tell the designer the name of the font. They will download it for you.

You can provide high-quality pictures with fonts.
We can use it to design perfect labels and stickers.

③your eyelash tagline and lashes slogan.

Good slogans and slogans can easily make customers remember you and your brand name and business.

④the information of your product.

You should tell the eyelash supplier the information you want to add, And let your customers remember you in a few words the first time.

⑤ your social media.

You should give customers a door to find you so they can easily find you and buy online.

Social media plays a big role. For example, Facebook, Instagram, these platforms have many users, so they may all be your customers.

You need to update more videos and product information The more fans you have, the more money you will make.


Your logo is the most important part you should add, if you do custom packaging cases , and make sure add the right position to make sence, and that will looks professional eyelash pill bottle packaging .

The Price of Pill Bottle Eyelash Packaging.

If you want to buy ordinary eyelash medicine bottle packaging, it will be much cheaper, depending on the quantity, it will be US$1.2 to US$1.1 Moreover, if you want to order in bulk, the price will be much cheaper.

If you have any needs or questions, you can contact us

WhatsApp +8613678896516

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