Other Types Of Eyelash Package

Monica Lashes factory mainly produce the custom lash boxes of rectangle, square, round, diamond, triangle, Pull type, etc. We support to add a mirror inside the box or add a window outside the box, and we also supply a box pack 2 pairs of lashes and 4 pairs of lashes, Mixing packaging box for eyelash,glue,tweezers, also display book pack 16 pairs lashes.

There are many customer needs. Therefore, there are many types of custom lash boxes. The functions and capacities are all different. Next, we will introduce you various styles of custom lash boxes.

Eyelash case with mirror or window

Eyelash boxes with windows can be divided into full windows and half windows. All eyelashes in the box can be seen directly through the window. Half-window custom lash boxes usually only see one eyelash. The other half is used to print the customer’s LOGO.addition, the shape of the window can also be customized. It can be a normal rectangle, square, or circle. It can also be heart-shaped, drop-shaped, butterfly-shaped, and so on.

custom packaging eyelash box
custom packaging eyelash box
custom packaging eyelash box
custom packaging eyelash box
lash packaging eyelashes box
lash packaging eyelashes box

The eyelash case with mirror is usually installed inside the clamshell case. The structure is similar to a makeup mirror. The advantage of having a mirror in the box is that it is convenient for customers to wear their mink eyelashes anytime and anywhere. No need to look for other mirrors everywhere.

cheap eyelash packaging

Multiple pairs of eyelashes box

Many customers pursue the practical value of custom lash boxes. The more eyelashes in a box, the longer the box will last. Some customers also buy our multi-pair eyelash boxes for easy wholesale to their customers. It also helps to save the cost of buying eyelash boxes. Therefore, we provide custom lash boxes such as one pair, two pairs, three pairs, four pairs, eight pairs, and sixteen pairs. The available quantity is determined by the customer.We can also leave a place for tweezers, brushes or glue inside.

empty eyelash packaging
custom lash boxes
wholesale eyelashes and custom packaging

In addition, eyelash book is also a good choice. Usually used as a catalog or sample for placing eyelashes. Putting various styles of eyelashes in the eyelash book will become clear at a glance, like a book.

eyelash packaging design
custom mink lash packaging
eyelashes packaging

Pull-out eyelash box

In addition to paper card boxes and magnetic boxes, pull boxes are also popular. The difference between it and other eyelash boxes is the way of opening. The pull box looks like a drawer. There are also two types of pull boxes. The main difference lies in the pull handle and the pull direction. The pull handle is divided into a soft handle and a hard handle. The pulling direction is divided into front and rear pulling and left and right pulling.

cutom eyelash packaging
wholesale custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

Special shape custom lash boxes

Recently, it is very popular to design the shape of the eyelash box into the shape of various daily necessities. For example, medicine bottle eyelash case, suitcase eyelash case, luggage case eyelash case, crown eyelash case and so on. This makes the eyelash box look very interesting and fashionable. This ingenious design is very attractive to customers. Many customers will specifically choose to order this box from us to cater to the trend.

custom lash box packaging
lash packaging box
false eyelash packaging box

Questions and Answers of Custom Eyelash Packaging

1.Q:What is the MOQ for custom lash boxes?

A:The MOQ for custom boxes is 20.

2.Q:What can you do for custom lash boxes?

A:We can print and gild the material of the box. Secondly, we can design customized logos for customers. And printed or pasted on the customized box.

3.Q:How long does it take to produce custom lash boxes?

A:It takes about one to two weeks for a custom box to go from design to production. This depends on the difficulty of the specific manufacturing process.

Free eyelash package

Although the lashes are already very charming, I believe you also hope that they all have a beautiful packaging box. Here, we provide you with a variety of options such as the free most basic style eyelash package.

Our free boxes are available in 5 styles, all made of paper card boxes. Patterns are white marble, black marble, golden laser, pink and silver laser.If you like these styles of boxes, we can send them to you for free!

eyelash packaging box wholesale
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