Monica Lashes is a reliable wholesale eyelash supplier

Why do we dare to call it a reliable wholesale eyelash supplier? Because we are very experienced in wholesale eyelashes for many years.

As a wholesale supplier of mink eyelashes, in order to obtain a special beauty and charm, all of our mink eyelashes are completely handmade from Siberian mink hair.

We can not only meet your eyelash needs, as a reliable wholesale eyelash supplier, we can also meet your needs for eyelash packaging boxes, we can customize eyelash packaging boxes according to your needs. If you want to put your own private label, logo, slogan, picture on the box, please feel free to let us know.

Why buy eyelashes from a reliable wholesale eyelash supplier?

We cannot deny that there are always some dishonest suppliers. In order to make more profits, they deceive customers, maybe when you order eyelashes from a supplier for the first time, the quality of the eyelashes is very good. However, when you order in large quantities, the quality is not as good as before.

As a reliable seller of mink eyelashes, we believe that integrity is the foundation of doing business. Therefore, we must consistently provide customers with quality eyelashes. Moreover, for us, there is no “best” thing, because all we want is “better”. Therefore, if you cooperate with us, you can rest assured. We are not your choice, or we are definitely your last choice!

In fact, many suppliers have set minimum order quantities. Maybe their MOQ is very high, but the price is very low. Therefore, many customers cannot resist the temptation of low prices and place an order. However, when they get the goods, they will be disappointed and angry at the poor quality, but they can do nothing.

Many suppliers make more money by deceiving customers into one-off transactions. This behavior not only hurts customers, but also hurts their own business. As a reliable supplier, we know the importance of these things. Good cosmetics can make people more confident and bright. Therefore, we feel it is necessary to provide quality cosmetics to bring people beauty and confidence.

Do you want to create your own eyelash brand? Do you want to start your own eyelash business? If you have such an idea, please contact me WhatsApp+86136788965165

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