How to wear 3D mink strip lashes

How to wear 3D mink strip lashes? Is your wearing method really correct? Although many women have worn many, many eyelashes, I think there are still many people who do not wear eyelashes.

Monica Lashes has been a supplier of eyelashes for many years. We have extensive experience and read data from sales data. Despite the extensive use of other products in the beauty line, mink eyelashes are still a popular choice for many people. Mink eyelashes are an indispensable role in women’s lives.

3D mink strip lashes
3D mink strip lashes

How to put on 3D mink strip lashes perfectly?

Today, we will share some tips for you to wear your eyelashes perfectly.

First, before pasting, you need to prepare some tools: eyelash tweezers, eyelash comb, eyelash curler, eyelash scissors, eyelash glue, etc.

Then use tweezers to carefully remove the eyelashes, cut off the excess straps to match your eyes, then apply glue to the roots of the eyelashes, wait 15 seconds to stick the eyelashes, adjust the position before the glue dries, and finally fill in with eyeliner Fill up the missing eyeliner and cover with excess glue, you are done!

Next, I will share some different skills with you to make the steps perfect and comfortable.

3D mink strip lashes
3D mink strip lashes

First: Trim eyelashes correctly

Our own eyelashes are long in the middle and short on the sides, about 5mm-10mm. If you want to wear naturally and comfortably, the length and width of your eyelashes should fit your eyes. Therefore, compare the false eyelashes with your own eyelashes and trim the false eyelashes so that the tail of the eyelashes is shorter than your own eyelashes and the head is quarter empty. This is a comfortable technique.

Second: Styling 3D mink strip lashes

After obtaining the proper length, hold both sides of the piece with your thumb and index finger, and then bend the eyelashes into a “C” shape for 20 seconds. Eyelashes with good curvature will fit our eyes perfectly.

Third: Keep skin fresh

If the skin is greasy, please use absorbent paper to clean the oil on the eyelids, or make up some transparent powder, and then wear false eyelashes. Oil will invalidate the glue.

Fourth: Eyelash curler.

Before putting on false eyelashes, use an eyelash curler.
Your own eyelashes will not curl like false eyelashes, it is necessary to use an eyelash curler to make them softer for a natural look. Eyelash curler is an essential tool to keep two eyelashes curled.

Fifth: look down

Putting a mirror under the face is the best view, because you can see the eyelashes clearly.

Sixth: Fixed in the middle of the eye

First glue it to the middle of the eyelid, adjust the length of the left and right sides, and then use tweezers to fix the central part of the false eyelash.

Seventh: Combing eyelashes and 3D mink strip lashes

After finishing, comb your eyelashes and false eyelashes, then adjust the eyelashes with your finger upwards, comb the eyelashes and false eyelashes together. This is the last secret of natural makeup.

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