How to use the eyelash washing machine.

Eyelash Washing Machine is an important tool for washing eyelashes.

Many girls worry about washing their eyelashes, Monica can tell you the convenient and quick cleaning tools——Eyelash washing machine

Clean eyelashes are an important reason for a longer lifespan-eyelashes must be cleaned as part of a household care routine!.

How to clean your eyelashes at home?

The washing machine is a very convenient and quick tool for washing eyelashes, and it is much cleaner than manual washing.

Wholesale Eyelashes Washing Machine

First About eyelash washing machine

The eyelash washing machine is also called Electric Mini Washing Machine which is a toy tools . And we use it to clean our luxury mink lashes. When you put into the water, and turn on the switch, it works just like the real one. And when you finish the work , you can turn off the switch, and let the water out.

Second About material

Our lashes washing machine is made of acrylic and plastic materials.

The body of the washing machine is made of plastic, and the lid of the washing machine is made of acrylic, which looks much better and gorgeous than the others.

Third How to choose the correct eyelash washing machine

You should choose a powerful machine with little noise.

Most eyelashes washing machine is normal toy tools. And we just use the good machine to drive the water in order to clean the eyelashes.

So if you want to purchase lash washing machine, you should make a sample order first . compered , and then make a correct order.

Fourth About the size

There are 2 sizes, the bigger one is 11.2cm*11.2cm*8.2cm , and the smaller one is 7.2cm*7.2cm*11.2cm. We suggest small lashes washing machine, the space inside lashes washer is enough for washing lashes, even 25mm mink lashes. In addition, the shipping for package would be less.

Fifth About weight

The bigger one is 150g and the small one is 100g, so if you make bulk orders ,Monica Lashes suggest you purchase the smaller one in order to save shipping cost.

Sixth About the price

$3.2-4 for one lashes cleaner, it depends on quantity.

Can it be your exclusive washing machine?

Of course!!!You can add your own LOGO on it, if you don’t have your own LOGO, we have very professional designers to design your own LOGO for you.

How to use the eyelash washing machine

Put in a AAA battery and the lash washing machine will work. Put the eyelashes which need to be cleaned and water into the eyelash washing machine barrel, could also pour an appropriate amount of facial cleanser. Then press the button on the top of lash washing machine. What need to be pay attention to is the drain pipe must be hung while the eyelash washer is working. After finish cleaning lashes, lash washing machine will stop automatically. At that time, you could put down the drain pipe to drain the water in the wholesale eyelash washer barrel.、

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