How to start your eyelash brand with around $100?

eyelash brand is every girl’s dream.There are many girls among my clients who want to start their own eyelash business and create their own eyelash brand. But there is not enough budget, what should do?

Many people do not have enough budget to start their own eyelash business. So how to start our eyelash business with less money? Today Monica Lashes will provide you with a reasonable solution for how to start your eyelash business with $100.

Many people want their eyelashes to be placed in an eyelash box with their own logo, and most factories require the most number of eyelash boxes plus logo, which will cost hundreds of dollars.

For people who are just starting the eyelash business, this is not easy.
In order to help more people start their own eyelash business, we have lowered our MOQ, etc. Five pairs of eyelashes can also be shipped for you, and the MOQ of the logo box is only 20! !

Regarding packaging, we will use free packaging for customers. No matter how many pairs, we provide packaging, we have a variety of paper card boxes for everyone to choose.

The last important point, adding a logo is free! ! free! ! free! ! !

About shipping, we will use the most standard freight calculation method, only charge 20 US dollars, you can deliver within 2-4 days.

Our express delivery includes FedEx and DHL

As an eyelash supplier with many years of experience, we can provide you with 100% considerate service If you have any questions, you can contact us WhatsApp+8613678896516

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