How to start 3D mink eyelash line to make money?

3D mink eyelash line is very popular.

Why 3D mink eyelash line so popular?

Many people were affected during COVID-19. Most people had to give up all their jobs and stay at home. Therefore, there was no income during COVID-19, only government subsidies.

Monica Eyelashes will help you make money at home. If you are interested in the false eyelashes business series, after you start your eyelash line, you will find that making money at home is very simple and easy.

During COVID-19,What will people do at home?

play games Fitness Communicate with friends via social media.

Yes, most people go online and they share texts, photos and videos with friends.
Therefore, in 2021, smart girls will like to sell mink lashes online.

3D mink eyelash line
3D mink eyelash line

How to start your 3D mink eyelash line?

1.You can find an eyelash vendor

The best eyelash supplier can provide you with the best mink eyelashes and competitive wholesale eyelashes, not the cheapest eyelashes.

This is very important for your eyelash business, a good eyelash supplier can do everything for you.


Before starting the 3D mink eyelash business, you need a mobile phone or a computer to publish photos and videos. Therefore, people can easily find your posts or messages, and then they will find you to buy eyelashes.


If you stay at home, you do have a lot of time to share and communicate with eyelash business customers.


This will require some money to buy wholesale mink lashes. However, you can buy eyelashes for very little money. When you sell them out, you can make a second order to earn more money.

As an eyelash supplier with many years of experience, Monica only provides high quality eyelashes.We believe that reputation is more important than money.

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