How to ship mink lash strips to customers?

If you sell products online, shipping the products to customers is an essential step.But how to ship mink lash strips to customers?

Transporting products is the foundation of good business. If your transportation is very fast, customers may not think your transportation is good, but once your transportation time is long and the transportation speed is slow, then customers will definitely feel it.

To prevent these things from happening you can use online shipping solutions.Such as Fetchy.It is an expert in the transportation industry and can help you understand it very well.

Ship your mink lash strips on time.

After a customer buys mink eyelashes from you through your store, then you must act as soon as possible.
You must pack the product and ship it out on the same day. If you spend more than a week even unable to pack, then the customer will be very annoyed, and will question you and even refund.

Even if the customer does not ask for a refund, this is already a very bad shopping experience, and it is difficult for customers to choose you.

Calculate transportation costs

If you want a good business, you should calculate carefully. Different weights require different shipping costs, and shipping costs in different regions are also different. If you do not calculate carefully, you will suffer losses.

And the size of the package box is also different according to the number of products the customer wants.So you need to have many boxes of different sizes to hold the products purchased by customers.

Shipping insurance

If a customer purchases a large number of products with a high value, you should purchase insurance for this to avoid damage or loss of the express and cause your losses.Good after-sales service is also the foundation of good business.

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