How to reuse our 3D mink lashes bundle 25 times

3D mink lashes bundle

We are eyelash manufacturer and wholesale eyelash supplier.

Our 3D mink lashes bundle can immediately bring you more dynamic, light eyelashes, simple and portable. Therefore, they are a must for a large number of cosmetic bags.

They are not particularly expensive, but no one wants to buy new eyelashes all the time. Because it’s a waste of money.

If used correctly, it can be reused 20-25 times. This means taking them out carefully, washing them thoroughly, and making sure you have a clean and safe place to store them.

3D mink lashes bundle

Steps to clean eyelashes.

first step

Wipe the eyelash band on the eyelid with a cotton pad.

When preparing to remove eyelashes, soak them with a cotton swab or eye makeup remover. Gently place the cotton swab on the eyelash band attached to the eyelid to help loosen the adhesive.

It is best to use an oil-free eye makeup remover because the oil will leave a residue, making it difficult for the eyelash adhesive to stick to the eyelashes the next time you use it.

3D mink lashes bundle

Second step

Tear off the eyelashes at the outer corner

Hold the eyelashes firmly with two fingers, and gently peel the adhesive from the strap with the other hand.

Make sure to peel from the outer corner of the eyelashes where it is most likely to fall off.

Use the pads of your fingers to peel off the lashes. Don’t use tweezers or your fingernails because they can rip the lashes or stretch out the band.

!!!Do not use tweezers or nails as they will tear the eyelashes or stretch the straps. Use a finger pad to peel off the eyelashes.

If there are any areas where the lashes are still stuck, take a fresh cotton swab and wet it with eye makeup remover so you can run it over the spot before continuing to pull on the lash.

Third step

After that, we need to wipe the eyelash band with a cotton pad and eye makeup remover.

After cleaning the eyelashes, please moisten the cotton pad with makeup remover. Use a pad on the entire lash band to remove any eyeliner or mascara that may be on the eyelashes. Clean the sides of the lash band to ensure that all remaining makeup is removed.

If you are using artificial eyelashes, you can soak them in a bit of eye makeup remover to help remove any makeup or other residue.

However, do not soak mink fur or other natural false eyelashes, otherwise they will be damaged.

3D mink lashes bundle

Fourth step

Hold the eyelashes between your index finger and thumb, and then gently pull the adhesive with tweezers to remove it.

If there is thick glue, you can pull it out with your fingers.

In some cases, the adhesive will be drawn into strips. In other cases, you need to take it apart.

Fifth step

Apply some alcohol.

To ensure that there are no bacteria on the eyelashes, it is important to disinfect them before putting them on again.

If any adhesive remains on the eyelash band, it may irritate the eyes the next time you wear it, so be sure to remove it all.

Sixth step

Let the eyelashes dry out.

You should not put away your eyelashes when they are still wet.

Otherwise, it may be damaged or moldy before your next use. Place the eyelashes on a towel or paper towel and let dry for 20 minutes.

Seventh step

Keep your 3D mink lashes bundle well.Keep your eyelashes well, and place them in the eyelash box curvedly.

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