How to promote your eyelash business?

Many girls want to start their own eyelash business every day and can earn some extra money, but they are worried that they cannot sell all their eyelashes, so they will have some money backlog.

Today Monica Lashes tells you how to promote your eyelash business.

1.Use social media to promote.

Such as pinterest, YouTube,instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.

You can take a photo of your eyelashes, or a photo of you wearing your eyelashes as a publicity.

Your customers can clearly see the effect of wearing eyelashes, which is a very good means of publicity.

2. Used exquisite packaging.

A beautiful eyelash packaging box can attract every girl who loves beauty, which is very helpful for your publicity.

You can add some information on the back of the box, such as your website, mobile phone number or various social accounts. When your guests buy your eyelashes, they can follow you, so that your social account fans will grow slowly. Business will get better and better.


You can carry out promotional activities without losing money, such as buying 3 and getting 1 free, or buying three pairs of eyelashes for 20% off, or you can give away some small gifts, such as tweezers, brushes, etc.

In this way, by virtue of the low price advantage, you can get a large number of customers. If the customer feels good after using it, then she will have to make a second and third purchase…

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