How to produce luxury mink eyelashes?

There are many 3D mink eyelashes on the market, but not every 3D mink lashes can be called “luxury mink eyelashes”.

When you buy Monica Lashes, you will know what “real luxury mink eyelashes” are.

There are many suppliers of wholesale mink eyelashes in the market. If you want to buy luxurious eyelashes, when ordering eyelashes in bulk, you should first order samples and compare their quality.

The difference between luxury mink eyelashes and 3D mink eyelashes.

We have to tell you about our eyelashes before you buy from us in large quantities. First, we use top mink. Each fur is equipped with healthy young mink tails and carefully collected.If you use old mink, the mink looks very beautiful. But if you use old mink fur, it will look terrible and unnatural.

So a good mink is very important.

The second secret is that the mink eyelashes should look symmetrical.

We will use a precise amount of mink fur, the left eye lashes are the same as the right eye lashes to maintain a symmetrical appearance.

The third is quality assurance measures.

We have a strict quality control system. We will carefully check the data of each process according to the drawings. If the eyelashes are different from the design data, we will discard these eyelashes. Therefore, we guarantee that each of our eyelashes is a perfect artwork. When you wear them, they will give you a different feel from ordinary eyelashes. Our luxurious mink eyelashes are soft, safe, fluffy, gorgeous and comfortable to wear.

25mm mink lashes
luxury mink eyelashes

Monica Lashes has many years of experience as a supplier. Many people have cooperated with us and have obtained good returns. We look forward to your cooperation with us.

Dear, if you are also interested in luxurious eyelashes, you can contact us.WhatsApp+86 13678896516.

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