How to order your custom eyelash packaging box?

The custom eyelash packaging box can not only attract the attention of customers, but also promote and protect your mink eyelashes.

You should pay attention to some issues when ordering custom eyelash packaging orders, and make sure you choose the right eyelash packaging supplier.

Before customizing the eyelash packaging box, we must first find a very suitable eyelash supplier and understand some requirements about the eyelash packaging box

If you are still looking for the best eyelash supplier, you can usually search for the eyelash vendors in Google Chrome and it will usually appear.

A good eyelash supplier can not only provide you with high-quality eyelash products, but also provide you with a very competitive price!

About custom eyelash packaging box

First of all, about the minimum order quantity of custom eyelash packaging boxes

Each eyelash box factory will have some MOQ restrictions, the MOQ of Monica Lashes custom eyelash boxes is only 20 pieces.

Choosing Monica Lashes as your eyelash supplier is not only a low MOQ, our price is also very competitive.

Second, choose the color of the box

If you want to make professional eyelash custom packaging, you should choose the color that matches your logo or you can also choose the color of the same hue to get a good look.

In addition, you can also choose a color that attracts people’s attention. Such as customized packaging of red eyelashes, orange, black, white, pink, rose gold and so on.

Of course, we can also make any color you want according to your preferences.

Third, the material of the eyelash custom box

There are three custom eyelash boxes on the market.

The first one is the paper box. This box is made of paper, which is light and cheap

But the MOQ is larger, it needs 500.

custom packaging box

The second one is card-board box.

This one is the most popular box in the market. And the other name is magnetic box. This box is much more heavier and expensive than paper box.

custom eyelash packaging
card-board box

The third kind of box is the acrylic eyelash packaging box.

The acrylic box is transparent, so your customers can easily see the eyelashes inside.

acrylic box

So you can choose all the lashes custom box from this three material .and different material different cost, if you want to get the lowest price , you can add whatsapp to get the cheap wholesale price.

Fourth, the shape of the eyelash packaging box

Square packing box, rectangular packing box, round packaging box, diamond packing box, etc.

Fifth, the size of the eyelash packaging box, we have two sizes.

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