How to order mink lash samples before bulk ordering

Monica Lashes is the best custom eyelash packaging manufacturer and 3D mink eyelash supplier.
We have more than ten years of experience as a supplier. During these ten years, we have helped hundreds of customers succeed.If you want to choose the right supplier, then you should order mink lash samples to test the quality before buying in bulk.

We have more than 200 workers and designers who are committed to providing the best 3D mink eyelashes.As the best supplier, we can also provide you with custom eyelashes, private label and private label eyelash boxes and DIY eyelash packaging.

With the increase in market demand and the low cost and fast start-up of the eyelash business, many people want to start their own mink eyelash business, but they are frustrated because they cannot find a reliable eyelash supplier because there are too many eyelash suppliers There are options, but most beautiful girls don’t know which one is best for them.

Finding a supplier is really annoying for many people, because even if you find a suitable mink eyelash supplier, you don’t know which 25MM mink eyelashes are suitable for retail to your target audience. Therefore, before ordering mink eyelashes in bulk, samples must be ordered first.

Pay attention to quality

You can know the quality of the eyelash supplier by ordering samples. Therefore, not only the price must be considered. but also samples must be ordered to test the quality, and then consider whether to wholesale it along with the price.

Don’t just focus on price

When buying eyelashes, many people only pay attention to the wholesale price of mink eyelashes from suppliers.but ignore the quality problems behind the low prices. When you ask about the price of mink eyelashes, you also need to consider whether the quality is worth it.

High-price eyelashes are not necessarily good eyelashes, but particularly low-price eyelashes are definitely not good eyelashes.

custom lash boxes
custom lash boxes

We not only provide high-quality 16mm 20mm and 25mm mink eyelashes, but also high-quality glue and custom eyelash tweezers, custom eyelash packaging boxes, custom eyelash washing machines, etc.

The reason why Monica can become a popular supplier is that not only our products are of good quality, but the delivery speed is also fast.

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