How to maintain mink strip lashes

How to maintain mink strip lashes is important for customers.

Mink Lashes are not cheap eyelashes. Compared with ordinary eyelashes, its price is indeed higher, but it can be reused more than 20 times, so on average, its price is not high.

So, for such expensive eyelashes, how should we maintain them? How should they be reused multiple times?

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maintain  mink strip lashes
maintain mink strip lashes

Maintain mink strip lashes

First step handwashing. Try to use perfume-free and paraben-free soap or detergent. After washing your hands, wipe the cotton swab with water or water-based makeup remover to loosen the eyelash glue. Let it soak for a few seconds.

The second step is to place the eyelashes on your index finger so that the edge of the eyelashes can be wrapped around to keep it curled. This will help you maintain the natural fluffy curl of the eyelashes.

The third step, use eyelash tweezers to carefully remove a large amount of glue residue on the back and front of the eyelash band.
Use your nails to gently scrape the remaining small pieces of glue from the eyelash band until it is clean.

The fourth step is to rinse the eyelash band carefully with water. Try not to put water on the tips of mink eyelashes to help maintain the curl of mink eyelashes. Using a wet cotton swab will help prevent water accidentally falling on the fluffy mink whip.

The last step is to place the banded eyelashes on its original “mink eyelashes” tray to reshape and reduce wear. Keep the eyelash packaging box closed to prevent bacteria and dust from falling on the luxurious mink strip lashes.

maintain  mink strip lashes

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