How To Improve Your Mink Lash Business?

Mink Lash Business Knowledge

Mink lash business

Learn more knowledge regarding mink strip lashes, so beautiful and best quality mink lashes in front of you, you don’t know whether it is popular and how about the quality, and want to buy 2 pieces sample do a test, obviously you are waste 25$ shipping cost!!

You should consider the quality and popularity of the product, and then you can buy it immediately.

Learn More Eyelashes Knowledge, not waste sample time and sample shipping money

These are some suggestions to benefit your Mink Lash Business

Mink Lash Business

Learn to set up an account and order

The basic shipping cost for packages sent to the United States is $25. It can contain 50 pairs of eyelashes or 30 eyelashes with a lash box.

When you only order 5 batches of mink skin eyelashes, the shipping cost for each mink skin eyelashes is $5, and the cost of your eyelashes is

How to make money by 5 dollars more expensive than others?

Mink Lash Business

Learn How To Place Order Control Stores

When preparing to start an eyelash business, it is important to have sufficient inventory.

When your customers are going to buy a lot of eyelashes, you do not have enough stock to sell, you must buy from wholesale eyelash suppliers, and the shipping time is very long, it is easy to lose customers.

Buying again will increase the transportation cost, which means that the cost of eyelashes will also increase, losing the price advantage. If you order a large number of eyelashes at a time, you will have sufficient inventory
This means you can save a lot of money

Mink Lsah Business

Learn To Study Website Of Lash Vendor

Look carefully at the website of the eyelash supplier, study their policy, and choose the most suitable solution

For example, we have a very good policy, we have two kinds of boxes, one is free box, the other is paid box

No matter how many eyelashes you buy, you can use our free eyelash packaging box. This is a good policy to support your eyelash business, which means you save 2-3 US dollars for each mink eyelashes!

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