How to get healthy eyelashes?

healthy eyelashes

The hair follicle is a very important part, whether it is for hair or eyelashes

We should pay attention to the healthy eyelashes.As the body ages, the hair follicle can weaken. This, combined with environmental and health factors can slow the growth of new eyelashes, and at the same time increase the breakage of existing lashes.

healthy eyelashes

Over time, the eyelashes will become dry and fragile

We use eye makeup and eyelash curlers for a long time, and elongated eyelashes may break or even fall off. Although the eyelashes fall off naturally and are constantly replaced by new eyelashes; With age, this process will slow down. Further increase the dryness of the eyelashes, making them more brittle and easier to break.

A healthy diet and hair conditioning can help reduce dryness and brittleness of hair, which of course includes eyelashes.

healthy eyelashes

Causes that affect eyelash healthy eyelashes irritation

The eyelashes are very close to the eyes. Therefore, they cannot be treated with the same ingredients as ordinary hair. You also don’t want to just use any one eyelash care agent. As eyelash conditioners become more advanced, their ingredients are also increasing.
Now, you can get eyelash conditioners with all-natural plant ingredients tested by doctors, and in most cases, will not cause eye irritation to users.

eyelash conditioners can make your eyelashes healthy

The second method is that since they make your eyelashes longer and fuller, (in most cases) there will be no need for eyelash extensions, false eyelashes-or even mascara. You don’t even need to curl them, so you can eliminate the extra pressure that may be placed on your eyelashes and make your eyelashes happy and healthy!

Consider the time and money spent on eyelash accessories, makeup and cosmetic tools. Even high-quality eyelash conditioners look cheap.

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