How to choose wholesale mink lashes

Many girls want to wholesale mink lashes, but do not know what length of eyelashes to buy.

Many girls like 25mm mink eyelashes. 25mm eyelashes are suitable for girls with three-dimensional eye contours.

If your client is an office worker or a student who wants to wear eyelashes in public places, it is recommended to use 16mm natural eyelashes. Wearing natural style mink eyelashes at work is a good choice.

luxury mink eyelashes
luxury mink eyelashes

Choose the best-selling style of eyelashes.

Of course you may not know what the best-selling styles are.But your supplier will know, so you can ask your supplier what their hot-selling styles are.

A good eyelash supplier sells thousands of pairs of eyelashes every day, so they are very clear about the eyelash market and everyone’s preferences, so it’s a good way to ask your supplier.

Find the best eyelash supplier as your lash vendor

A good supplier will not only provide you with a variety of caring services, but most importantly, it will also provide you with high-quality luxury eyelashes.

The best suppliers will also provide customized services and very competitive prices.

As an eyelash supplier with more than ten years of experience, Monica Lashes can not only provide caring services, but also high-quality eyelashes at very competitive prices. If you want to wholesale mink lashes, please don’t miss Monica Lashes.

3D mink strip eyelashes
3D mink strip eyelashes

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