How to choose the best eyelashes

the best eyelash wholesaler“and high-quality eyelashes is the most important point for you to establish your own eyelash brand.

best eyelashes
best eyelashes
best eyelashes

What should you do before buying the best eyelashes?

best eyelashes

First:Look for eyelashes carefully

Observe the structure and shape of eyelashes

The shape of good eyelashes is designed by the world’s most professional designers according to the structure of flowers.

And according to the shape of people’s eyes and face eyelashes design more beautiful.

Second:Look at the tip of your eyelashes.

There is no sharp hair on the lower eyelashes.

① they are made of inferior raw materials, which are very cheap and have not been selecte

② the operation of the workers is very poor.

they are made of low-quality raw materials, which are very cheap and have not been approved
Secondly, the work level of workers is low
Due to the unfamiliar operation of the worker, the hair was damaged in the process of placing the hair, but continue to use it.

The lower eyelashes have not yet passed the quality inspection in the market.

However, our high-end eyelash materials are selected one by one by our workers.

The tips of the hair are very sharp and perfect.

After our workers produce eyelashes, they must pass strict quality inspections.

③ Look at the density of eyelashes

Good eyelashes are very fluffy, soft, and the density is very uniform, and the density pattern is more perfect.

However, poor quality eyelashes have different density and structure, and poor quality eyelashes look cheaper.

④ Look at the appearance of eyelashes

Only the high-end eyelashes look very beautiful, fashionable, very realistic, giving people a sense of luxury. Feeling good about high-end eyelashes is the key to luxury eyelashes, making women around the world more beautiful, attractive and confident.

best eyelashes
best eyelashes
best eyelashes

Third:Touch eyelashes

① Touch them to see if they are smooth and supple.

Inferior eyelashes are very rough and not soft enough.

② Feel the eyelash band.

If you pull the lash band, the quality eyelashes will be very soft and smooth.

It conforms to the ergonomic structure and has a certain arc. It is very flexible.

③ Touch the material of eyelashes.

You can try to touch the mink and your hair, the eyelashes feel very similar to them

best eyelashes

Fourth:Try to smell the eyelashes

Inferior eyelashes have a strong chemical smell, which is very harmful to the eyes.

It can cause skin allergies, infections, and even skin ulcers. In severe cases, it can cause blindness.
You can use warm water to reduce the odor of poor quality eyelashes, but we do not recommend this method because it will damage the eyelashes.

The above method will help you choose the best eyelashes

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