How to buy custom eyelash boxes

As we all know, the custom eyelash packaging boxes is not only an eyelashes packaging box, but also a container to hold your 3D mink eyelashes and protect your mink eyelashes from damage.

In addition, an amazing customized eyelash packaging can also help you boost your sales.

Before customizing the box, you must have an idea about the eyelash packaging box

Recommendations on custom eyelash boxes

First, you must have your own brand name

The brand name is like your name, and people should know your company name so that they can find you and buy mink eyelashes from you.

If you have no idea about your brand name, you can make a simple product, such as naming Lashes after your name. For example, Monica Lashes, your customers can easily remember your company name.

It’s best to have your brand logo.

If you don’t have one, it’s okay. Monica Lashes has a professional design team to help you design your own exclusive logo.

If you go to hire a professional designer, it will cost 30 to 100 dollars. But if you find us, we will design for you within 24 hours, which will save you a lot of money.

wholesale mink lash extension
wholesale mink lash extension

Looking for custom eyelash packaging boxes vendor

Even if you have an eyelash supplier, it doesn’t matter, as long as you buy a packaging box from us, we will not only provide packaging boxes but also eyelash trays. Don’t worry about the size, you just need to move your eyelashes to our tray.

If you find it troublesome, you can also provide us with the size of your tray, and we will customize the eyelash packaging box for you.

Our eyelash packaging boxes are available in a variety of colors and materials. As long as the eyelash packaging boxes appear on the market, we can customize them.

We can make all kinds of effects, only what you can’t think of, not what we can’t do.

If you are still looking for a packaging box supplier, please do not miss Monica Lashes, we can provide you with the best quality products at the lowest price, if necessary. You can click the button below to contact us.

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