How much is your custom packaging eyelash box?

How much is your custom packaging eyelash box?Monica Lashes will give you a preferential price, allowing you to get a satisfactory custom packaging eyelash box order.

custom packaging eyelash box

Eyelash packaging can not only protect eyelashes from damage, but also increase product value, promote sales, and spread brand value to win more customers and markets.

Therefore, more and more customers choose to buy our eyelash boxes or customize their own eyelash boxes. Obviously, the eyelash box is playing an increasingly important role in the eyelash business.

custom packaging eyelash box
custom packaging eyelash box

1.Factory Location

Our production factory is located in Qingdao, China. It is a standard modern eyelash packaging box factory with the most advanced 3D printer.

The quality and production capacity of our products are at the world leading level. Our factory has a design team, a quality inspection team, and a production team. Perform their own duties, with extremely high production efficiency.

2.production process

① Draw and produce an unfolded drawing of a box

Our drawings are customized according to different box shapes, which takes 5 hours.

②Print the outer cover of the box

Our design team will design high-quality print images so that bright and true colors will not disappear easily.

③ Gold blocking

Gold-blocking including brand name and logo stamping can make the box glow and improve the box grade.

④ disinfect

This step is to remove the dust with alcohol or water and sterilize it at the same time.

⑤ Wrapping and packaging

We use high-quality anti-squeeze cartons, sealed with tape, and affixed with fragile labels to prevent damage during extrusion and transportation. We guarantee the safe, timely and complete delivery of the eyelash box to our customers.

Production Cycle

The length of the production cycle is caused by differences in processes and materials, such as printing time, gold blocking time, material preparation and production time.
Our usual eyelash box production cycle is 12-14 working days

Price of custom packaging eyelash box.

All eyelash boxes we produce are sold at the factory’s wholesale price, which is very cheap and highly competitive in the market.

On what basis do we set the price?

The quotation is based on the quantity, size, and consumables, process, and man-hour. In addition, our design is free of charge.

What is needed for a custom box?

① Lash logo

Professional logos with bright colors and lines can more easily impress customers and increase brand value.

② Eyelash brand name

This is the basis for spreading the brand and shaping value. Consumers remember you and your eyelash business through your brand.

③ Eyelash box color

Professional logos with bright colors and lines can more easily impress customers and increase brand value.

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